Product Advantages



Umee bottles have an advance 4 holes air vent mechanism for reducing the amount of air a baby can swallow during a meal. The vent allows air to escape at 4 different parts, so it doesn't travel out with the milk as baby drinks.



Umee insulator is a unique cover that helps to maintains optimal liquid temperature for longer and thereby preserving the taste and the nutrients in the breastmilk.

Umee is the only bottle that comes with such special insulator. Great for parents travelling or constantly stay within aircon areas. 


Soft & Ergonomic Teats

 The Umee soft latch teat is ergonomically designed to allow an easy flow of liquid. When feeding, the soft touch feel of the teat best simulates a natural breast feeding experience while its unique shape prevents teat collapse. Also, the teats follow the golden 3cm ratio that best emulates a mother's nipple. This prevent bottle confusion symptom.


Air Bubbles

 The unique shock absorbing pacifer is designed to cushion your baby’s fall and prevent facial injuries.


Gum Protecting Spout

Both the soft & hard spouts are ergonomically designed to protect baby’s gums and palate while teething. The spouts and flexi-handles encourage your baby to gradually feed themselves one step at a time.


Non-Spill Valve and 1 Piece Air Vent

The uniquely designed valve prevents spills & leaks. The 1 piece air vent mechanism with no extra parts also allow parents to easily remove, wash and steralise the bottle without much hassle which unlike some other bottles in the market, there are many parts to disassemble, clean and assemble.



Enable the baby to intuitively feed on their own with an easy and comfortable grip.


Orthodontic Teat

The orthodontic & symmetric orthodontic teats are designed to support the baby’s palate helping to keep gums and teeth healthy and well protected.


Airflow Shield

The ergonomically designed air flow shield reduces skin irritation, coupled with the shock absorber prevents pressure on baby’s face while sleeping.

Unique Air Vent System


The advanced UMEE one-piece air vent allows your baby to feed with minimal vacuum effort for a more comfortable and easy feed, helping reduce colic symptoms. The unique vent design enables complete control over the liquid flow, eliminates teat collapse, and is not influenced by consumer usage.

The one-piece vent, with no extra parts, ensures optimal use every time you feed while allowing for an easier and faster clean.

UMEE’s air vent can be found in all UMEE Bottles and UMEE Cups.

UMEE Insulator


The original transparent insulator maintains liquid temperature at the desired level over a longer time, thereby preserving the liquid’s taste and encouraging proper feeding.

The insulator also helps combine bottle and breast feeding and has been clinically proven to give your baby a healthier, more natural feeding experience. The benefits and importance of a baby’s food being at body temperature – the natural temperature of breast milk – cannot be underestimated.

A study from the Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford concluded that, “…infants fed milk at cool temperature will have significantly greater volumes of gastric residuals than infants fed milk at body temperature.”The UMEE transparent insulator is simple to use, can be used on all UMEE Bottles, and enables you to easily monitor how much your baby has eaten.