The Umee Advantage


Innovative yet simple

At UMEE, we are committed to the creation of innovative products that are first and foremost safe and healthy for babies and allow you to easily combine bottle and breast feeding.

Couple this commitment with practical and efficient designs, and we achieve optimal results for all to enjoy.


Most natural transition between breastfeeding and bottle

Umee bottles provide a steady flow of liquid to the baby only when they suckle. This allows babies to use the most natural feeding behavior they learn at the breast to seamlessly transition to bottle feeding. 

Coupled with the UMEE Insulator that maintains the ideal liquid temperature like breast milk, your baby can enjoy a healthy and more natural feeding experience. 

All these make Umee Bottle the #1 bottle to use if mothers want to switch back-and-forth from breast to bottle or transition off the breast completely.


Years of Experience

All UMEE products are based on years of experience gained in the baby feeding industry. Incorporating consumers’ requests and needs into unique solutions.

The UMEE team is inspired by consumer needs. Continuously developing our innovative and unique range of products.